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About Us

Over the years, we have constantly attempted, with success, to set new benchmarks for project delivery even as challenges kept multiplying and expectations from our customers steadily soared. What has kept us focused are a set of values that set our path forward – sound engineering, the dependence on technology, and ethical and superlative design practices, all of which converge in the form of acclaimed quality. few or none have gone before.

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Our Values

As our team is growing, it becomes more important to identify and outline company's core values that guide us in everything we do.

Our values develop and define our culture, our brand, our business strategies and who we are as professionals in today's world. It is our goal to consistently live up-to these core values in our lives on a daily basis.


Our emphasis on natural daylight, ventilation and greenery guides the principles of design, that enable our customers to connect with nature.


The finished quality of our projects will define our image, and thus ensure our being preferred by customers in the future


We will operate with high levels of accountability, taking full ownership in delivering our projects with excellence


We will build a work environment of mutual trust, one that is accommodating and engaging so that we enjoy working with each other. We will celebrate our journey together.

 WE are a FAMILY!!


We will pursue excellence by pushing the boundaries, where each of us strives to become better every day, looking at possibilities instead of limitations. We will have a mindset that is open and ready to innovate, in order to add value to our business.


We will conduct ourselves to the highest standards of ethics, honesty and fairness in all our decisions and actions.


Rajiv Krishna S

A 3rd generation real estate entrepreneur who believes that buildings are not just made of brick and mortar; they are a culmination of ideas, toil, teamwork, and goal-driven pursuits.


He believes that one has to continue achieving in life and not feel satisfied with a few accomplishments. Not bashful by nature, nor does he shy away from any stimulating discussion, but he has certain beliefs and sticks by them. 


He is the Managing Partner of Tapovan Estates and various other ventures from The House of Estates. 

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